Private Sector National Councils

Mauritius Employers’ Federation (MEF) / Business Mauritius (BM)

BACECA was the Construction representative on the MEF Council (1997-2015) and since October 2015, it represents the industry on the BM Council as a Partner Member. Through the BM advocacy role, the position of contractors on key economic labour and social matters is brought at the forefront. We also sit on its Operations Committee.

Public Sector National Councils

Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)

BACECA is the only Contractors organization having worked on the CIDB project from its preliminary stage. Thus, it is represented on the Council of the CIDB since its establishment under the CIDB Act of 2008. We also sit on its committees/subcommittees concerning contractors. Our representatives actively participate to the CIDB overriding objective, to promote the Development and Improvement of the Construction Industry.

Building Control Advisory Council (BCAC)

BACECA sits on this main national council for the construction sector and its committees. We contribute to providing an appropriate framework for the construction industry so that it conforms to international standards and practices.

Other various Public / Private Committees / Commissions / Meetings

Thanks to the participation of its members, BACECA is able to be present on the several and various committees/commissions whenever invited by the private/public sector. This active involvement allows the organization to respond quickly on any important topical issues affecting the sector.

Also, every player in the construction industry acts as a component of the supply chain. All involved parties collaborate in a mutually beneficial program designed to secure a conclusive build asset. Hence, BACECA and the Associations of the sector establish great industry presence and reputation.

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