BACECA provides key input every year for the National Budget preparation.

Further to the document prepared by Pierre Dinan “The Economic and Social Impact of Foreign Contractors Operating in Mauritius” and submitted by the Trade Union in 2012, the Margin of Preference for Works had been revised to promote further the employment of local manpower in Works contracts for national and international biddings.

Also, in 2022, following our proposal, the Margin of Preference for Works had been reintroduced.


We constantly thrive for training and developing skills for the industry.

In light of the widening skills gaps with regards to qualified Masons and Carpenters on the local market in 2011, BACECA together with the Service Diocésain d’Éducation Technique (SEDET) worked on a national Training Program for the upskilling of employees of its members. The 3-month courses catering for theory, practice on construction sites and an appropriate method of assessment were delivered by the Centre Technique St. Monfort. 57 Masons and 43 Carpenters, all employees of members of the Trade Union, were certified through this upskilling employee training. Filling the members’ skills gaps through upskilling was made possible with the collaboration of the National Empowerment Foundation and the CSR National Committee.


During the 2 national lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, BACECA has been a key facilitator between Business Mauritius and Employers of all fields of the Construction Sector. In this unprecedent COVID-19 crisis, the Trade Union extended its services, totally free and without any obligations, to Non-Members as well. The Association assisted stakeholders of the industry in applying for and obtaining Work Access Permits and facilitated vaccinations for construction employees through the Business Mauritius and the Economic Development Board. Also, BACECA compiled a set of Best Practices in a Guideline Procedure for employees of the sector resuming work after COVID-19 confinement period.


Reconstruction/Repair of fire damaged housing in Triolet and Goodlands by BACECA members.
Worked with the Ministry of Social Integration, Social Security and National Solidarity to provide assistance to families deprived of housing facilities post Batsirai and Emnati cyclones.

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