Highlights of the aims of the Union are :

  • To maintain a high standard of conduct; to combat unfair practices and to encourage efficiency among its members.
  • To safeguard, promote, encourage and protect the interest of members, to assist and encourage co-operative action, and to deal with each and all such matters as may affect the common interest of members.
  • To promote, encourage, support or oppose any proposed legislative or other measures affecting the interests of the Union or its members.
  • To negotiate on behalf of its members with Trade Unions of employees on matters relating to the terms and conditions of employment generally applicable in the Building Industry.
  • To cooperate with organisations of employers and/or employees on any industrial council or conciliation Board which may be established to deal with matters which affect members.


The vision of the Building and Civil Engineering Contractors Association is to work with the Government of Mauritius to create jobs, support the economy and provide the necessary infrastructure for the benefit of the population.

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Suite 310, 3rd Floor, NG Tower
Wall Street
Cybercity Ebène 72201

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